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My stomach started grumbling the minute I saw this picture of Black Forest Cookies in a Calgary Herald post about dunkable cookies. Their crinkly, chocolate exterior, studded with cherry jewels, hint at a soft, chewy inside. What a treat!

There’s also a recipe for Chewy Ginger Cookies. I love Gingersnaps but there’s nothing as comforting as a spicy but tender ginger cookie. If they bend when you try to break them, they’re perfect!

If that weren’t enough, a recipe for Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies promises “it’s nearly impossible to eat only one.” (Isn’t that always the case with CCCs?)

The three recipes are provided to the Herald by ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen.


And while we’re talking about dunkable cookies, check out my blog about Baker’s Chocolate Brownie Cookies. We’ve called them Dunkable Brownies for years.