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Today is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! I almost missed it! Fortunately, I was able to rustle a bag of cookies from the freezer and we’re sorted.

Any day is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day around here! We love them. So do most Americans: 25 percent of cookies sold there contain chocolate chips. Of course, you could eat them straight out of the bag. Or have them in pancakes, or cupcakes or ice cream! But I’m a purist — I’ll have mine in cookies, with a glass of milk! 🙂

You’ll find lots of recipes for Chocolate Chip Cookies on this blog (they even have their own category!) Or try the Nestle’s Original Toll House recipe. For Hedgehog Cookies — my son’s favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie, see my blog, Our Cookie Journal.





Even Santa prefers Chocolate Chip Cookies!