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Bake Brave! That’s this year’s challenge on World Baking Day, which is being observed on Sunday, May 19. The idea is to test yourself with a recipe that challenges your skills in the kitchen. To that end, 100 recipes have been compiled by Bake Brave Ambassadors (baking enthusiasts from around the world) at worldbakingday.com.

The interactive website encourages you to “step out of your comfort zone and bake something you’ve never baked before.” From the homepage, you are prompted to select your baking level, from “I bake and cross my fingers” to “I bake, therefore I am.” If your particular skill set can’t be categorized, feel free to skip that step and head straight for the recipes, which are ranked from 1 (Banana Muffins) to 100 (The Ultimate Challenge Cream Puff Cake).

There doesn’t seem to be many recipes aside from cakes, though.  I might be a cookie cuckoo, but I love baking cakes too. In fact, I recently bought a new bundt cake pan that I cannot wait to use. So, I would think that the website would include a greater variety of baked goods, with more cookies, breads and pies. There is a recipe for chocolate chip cookies (level 3) and a treacle tart (71) but you’ll find greater choice if you decide to bake a cake.

Once you select a recipe, you click on a bar that says what level you’ve chosen. This takes you to a badge that you can download and share. I chose No. 53, Cream Cheese Brownies (they pass for cookies) along with 29 other people (so far).

I’m also going to bake a cake using my new bundt pan, which makes such an elegant presentation. The only thing left to decide is whether I’ll make lemon or chocolate. Then I’ll simply drizzle the top with a vanilla glaze, letting it drip down the sides and slice according to the number of guests – hunks or slivers!

I’ll be writing more posts about World Baking Day here through Sunday, so check back often for more recipes and information. And let me know what you’ve decided to create for World Baking Day.